Frequently asked questions

Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions.

When is the best time to enjoy L'île d'Yeu?

We love every season and invite you to discover each one in more detail.

How do I make a reservation?

If you are sure of your choice, you can send us your name, postal address, email and mobile phone preferably, with your dates, and we will email you a confirmation, as well as the booking contract with all the details.


Are pets allowed?

It all depends on the house. Only nice and clean animals can be accepted.

What will happen if I come with my pet to a house that doesn't allow them?

Faced with the increase in the number of people arriving with their pets without having spoken about it beforehand, and the resulting nuisances (barking, droppings, trampling of the garden, allergies…) we are now sorry and forced to refuse access to the house to people accompanied by their pets, without claiming any compensation and without rehousing them.

Arrivals and departures

Do we have to arrive on Saturday?

No, on the contrary, you will be more serene on the road, and we will have more time to welcome you in the best conditions. The days of arrival depend only on other reservations. Check the calendars. We just try to avoid that there are 2 empty nights between two stays.

What are the possible days of departure?

It’s up to you. You can arrive on a Thursday and leave on a Monday, depending on our possibilities and schedules. Do not hesitate to ask us.

My house is located far from the pier.... How do I get to my house?

If there are no bikes included in your rental, ask your rental company when you book your bikes to drop off your luggage at home and we will meet you there. Remember to do the same on the day of your departure.

When bikes are included in the rental, we will talk about it when you have your boat, helicopter or plane schedule. We try to accommodate you, depending on the constraints: crowds, access to the port, sanitary restrictions…

In any case, we will do everything we can to make your arrival and your stay easier.


How does the deposit work?

Some hosts require a deposit for the house. It will only be cashed after the departure of the tenants and in case of damage to the premises.

Others prefer not to ask for one. But if they favor trust, this does not prevent, in any case, to warn your contacts on the spot in case of breakage, and to settle for a replacement. The deposit is returned in accordance with the regulations.

What is the cleaning deposit?

When hosts have agreed with the tenants that the tenants will clean the house themselves, the cleaning deposit applies. Of course, this is only cashed if the house is not returned in the same condition as it was found.

How does the bike deposit work?

When hosts lend their bikes with the rental, the deposit serves as a guarantee that the tenants will take good care of them, and in particular that they will take care to put the locks on.


Is linen provided?

Linen is included for La Cambusette, Le Refuge, Cœur d'Yeu, Cap Horn, Chez Tante Odette, La Maison du Bourg, Grain de Sel, L'Insula, Le Safran, Keragan. It includes sheets, dishcloths and towels.

Beach towels are also included for Le Refuge, La Cambusette and Le Safran.

Linen is not included for Soleil bleu, Wakaye, Maisons.

Is there an extra fee for linen?

No when it is planned (always the case of: La Cambusette, Le Refuge, Cœur d'Yeu, Cap Horn, Chez Tante Odette, La Maison du Bourg, Grain de Sel, L'Insula, Le Safran, Keragan).

The linen will be charged if provided at your request in houses where it is not usually supplied, this is the case of Soleil bleu (€22 ), Wakaye (€22 ), Maisons (€ ). The fee is for each bed occupied and for the whole duration of the stay.


Is cleaning at the end of the stay mandatory?

It is generally obligatory and in addition to the rate indicated, it is always recommended, especially in these times of health risk. It includes the cleaning of floors, water rooms and the disinfection of premises, worktops, handles etc. according to the recommended protocols. In all cases, we ask the tenants to group together the linen used if it is provided, to take out the bins in accordance with selective sorting, and to wash their dishes.


What is included in the rate?

The rate indicated is the price of the night on the day of arrival, for the whole house (excluding extra people).

It starts in the late afternoon, usually at 5pm, and ends the next morning, usually at 10am. The time depends on the house and will be indicated in your contract.

If you choose to arrive earlier on the island, especially during the summer holidays, it is sometimes possible to leave your luggage in some houses until they become available.

Also when you leave, we ask you to leave the accommodation at the time agreed in the contract.

We will discuss these arrangements with you a few days before your arrival.

How is the rate determined?

It depends on the season and length of stay.

The rate shown in the calendar on the page of each house is given as an indication for stays longer than 5 days.

We can give you a quote on request.

What is note included in the rate?

In any case, you must add to the price indicated :

  • the visitor’s tax
  • the cleaning fee (unless you want to do it yourself for houses that allow it)
  • linen (if not included)
  • the supplement for extra people (if you plan to be more than the basic capacity of the house).

When bicycles are available in the house, they are always lent free of charge by the owners.

We can give you a quote on request.

I found the house on a platform at a different price...

Indeed, our reference rate is the one on this site. However, it may happen that we publish ads elsewhere with different advertiser fees, or offer promotions.

Visitor'S tax

What's the visitor's tax?

From 1 January 2019, the amount of €0.66 (including the departmental share) has been replaced by the rate of 4% of the cost of the night excluding tax/person, voted by the City Council on 18 September 2018, i.e. 4.40% with the departmental tax.

The amount obtained per person cannot exceed €1.32 per night (including the departmental share), and for all stays throughout the year.

For more information, please visit the Town Hall website.

#Calculation for a uncharted house

  • Step 1: the rent per night excluding taxes × 4.4% (departmental share included) = subtotal 1
  • Step 2: subtotal 1 ÷ number of occupants = tax per person per night (within the limit of €1.32) × number of adults x number of nights = tax to be paid for the stay

For example :

  • Step 1: rent per night &equals €100€ × 4.4% &equals subtotal €4.40.
  • Step 2: sub-total 4.40€ ÷ 6 occupants &equals €0.73 per person per night × 4 adults = €2.93 per night × 7 nights = €20.53 for the whole stay

Concerned: Cœur d’Yeu, Soleil Bleu, Keragan, Grain de Sel, Chez Tante Odette, La maison du bourg, Wakaye.

#Calculation for a classed house

The amount of the tourist tax depends on the number of stars.

Are concerned:

  • Le Refuge: 3* or €1.32 per night and per adult all year round
  • La Cambusette : 3* or €1,32 per night and per adult all year round.

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